The Journalism and Media Studies program aims to foster a critical, ethical, and thoughtful approach to journalism as a vital public service. Our focus is on empowering students to cultivate storytelling skills across diverse platforms and subject domains, encouraging them to explore the innovative possibilities within today's media landscape. Join us to discover and amplify your unique voice, utilizing it to craft compelling narratives that contribute to a more informed and engaged democracy.

The Big Family Media School serves as a standout Creative hub within the broader model of information dissemination, embodying the essential dynamism required in modern media exploration. Through this platform, students' linguistic abilities, research acumen, and delivery proficiency are honed and spotlighted, propelling them towards excellence in media practice.

By undergoing reorientation within this educational environment, future media professionals will gain a competitive edge, positioning themselves to engage effectively with industry benchmarks and industry leaders. This is made possible through our meticulously structured courses, designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. Courses offered under this program include;
• TV Presenting / TV Journalism
• Radio Presenting / Radio Journalism
• Newspaper Reporting / Print Journalism
• Broadcast Journalism / Advanced Journalism

The Big Family Media School stands out as a leading Creative-focused wing, essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of information inquiry, encompassing gathering, writing, management, and dissemination. Students' linguistic capabilities, research acumen, and delivery proficiency are sharpened and highlighted, ensuring a comprehensive development in these critical areas.

Upon reorientation within this educational framework, future Media professionals will be well-equipped to vie with industry leaders and excel within the competitive landscape. This advantage is derived from our structured course components, offering a comprehensive foundation for success in the field.
Course content
• TV Presenting / TV Journalism
• Radio Presenting / Radio Journalism
• Radio, TV and Film Producing
• Media Marketing / Media Law
• Theatre Arts

In today's visually-driven world, the demand for content across various screens is ever-present. The School of Film & Television Production is dedicated to training students in the art of creating captivating and sought-after content tailored for screens of all sizes, be it the grandeur of IMAX or the convenience of handheld devices. At Big Family Multimedia School, students swiftly acclimate to industry-standard tools—from cameras, lighting setups, and editing software to cutting-edge techniques and technologies revolutionizing professional production workflows.

The program in Film & Television Production provides students with a comprehensive grasp of both the technical and artistic dimensions of visual storytelling. Through a range of production courses, students delve into all facets of filmmaking, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where they can explore the articulation of original concepts through the powerful medium of film and video.
Course content
• Art Direction
• TV and Film Directing
• Digital Video Editing
• Camera Operations & Light
• Sound Production and Engineering

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